Pioneer in charging stations
Pioneering work.

Modl has been active in the field of eMobility for more than seven years and is thus a pioneer when it comes to charging infrastructure in public and semi-public spaces.



Implementing our customers’ wishes quick and flexible.


Because at Modl everything is in one hand when it comes to charging infrastructure hardware and software – namely in ours – we can implement individual customer wishes quickly and flexibly. And so there are virtually no limits to creativity when it comes to the shape and design of charging stations.


Electrification of road transport is indispensable for climate protection. A needs-based infrastructure is a prerequisite for this.



This is what we offer you.

The Modl range of eMobility services.

Do you want a charging station with an innovative shape? Or with special functions? Modl will work with you to design your desired charging station and then ensure VDE- compliant, technical production implementation in public and semi-public areas.


Design studies and housing development
Conception of circuit and wiring diagrams


Assembly production for AC and DC charging infrastructure
Prototyping & test sample construction
Series production


Support of officially prescribed test processes
Worldwide logistics

IEC standards.

It goes without saying that all our manufacturing processes
conform to legal metrology.

30,000 GWh of energy is expected to be charged in Germany in 2030. Depending on the scenario, around one third of this will be charged at publicly accessible infrastructure and around 40 percent at private parking spaces. The remaining nearly 30 percent is expected to be charged at charging points in company parking lots.


To be able to map each of these charging use cases, Modl develops and produces customer-specific modules and housing solutions for electromobility. In the AC range, charging capacities of 7.4 kW to 22 kW are realized, in the DC range 15 kW – 150 kW.


The range of services includes solutions for the private, semi-public and public sectors.
Modl develops all modules and housings according to current IEC standards. In cooperation with our customers, we can ensure that the products are manufactured in compliance with calibration regulations.


Future-relevant topics of electromobility such as Plug&Charge or bidirectional charging are taken into account in our current developments, as is the simple operation and maintainability of the product solutions.


Regardless of whether you are looking for charging solutions for homes, apartment buildings, employers, parking garages, customer parking lots, parking areas or public road space: We are at your side as a reliable development and manufacturing partner.

How to find us...


Modl GmbH

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