Application tips

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Tips for your application.

We are pleased that you are interested in joining Modl. Since you never have a second chance to make a good first impression, we’ll give you a few tips here on how to increase the chances of success for your personal application. After all, it’s your application that should make the best impression.

Application tips
Your cover letter

Address us directly in your application.

You will find the right contact person in the job advertisement.


Make reference.

State the exact job title in your subject line. If you are applying on your own initiative, state your preferred area of application.


Show personality.

Let us know why you are applying and why you are the right person for the job.


Keep it short and informative.

Give your cover letter a clear structure. Divide your text into several sections and formulate short, concise sentences.


Four eyes see more than two.

Before you send off your application, have it proofread.

Tips for the resume.

Keep your resume organized.

Ideally, present your resume in tabular form, with the most recent job at the top.


Pay attention to completeness.

Your resume should be complete and have no gaps.


Highlight relevant key activities.

Explain your activities additionally with your own bullet points that make your experiences clear.


Coordinate your cover letter and resume.

Ideally, your resume should demonstrate the skills and experiences you mentioned in your cover letter.

Tips for attachments.

Your written application should include the following documents:

curriculum vitae
Cover letter stating the desired position as well as the place of employment
Provide some references
Special qualifications


First impressions count.

Avoid spelling mistakes and make sure your application is neatly presented.


Ideally, save all attachments in PDF format.

For online and email applications, please only attach files that can be opened on any standard computer (pdf., doc.).


Name your attachments according to the content.

For example, cover letter_MaxMustermann.pdf or resume_MariaMusterfrau.pdf.

Tips for the interview.

Inform yourself.

Find out about our company and our fields of activity before your interview.


Practice the interview in advance.

Practice possible interview questions with a trusted person so that you are well prepared.


Clothing expresses appreciation.

Make sure you have a well-groomed appearance, but also feel comfortable.


Be punctual.

Allow enough time for your arrival so that you arrive stress-free and on time.


Be confident in yourself.

You’ve been called for an interview because of your qualifications: You’re good and they want to meet you! Use the journey to relax.


Stay calm.

Your interviewers from HR or management can empathize with your situation and know that excitement is normal.

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